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WHITEPAPERS PAGE (would like to make these pdf downloads)

Need a format for these -- pose the question; frame the situation, offer the solutions or framework,


1. Transition Trauma

a. Survival versus performance.

b. conditions that cause it


2. Character and Behavior as the Driver

a. Impact of the decision model

b. What happens when it is not aligned


3. Cash is King

a. Value of value building, financial reporting, KPI’s and learning how you really make money. It is in the scaling of the tools.


4. Dynamic Strategy

a. Confusing acting and thinking strategically with some add on process that you do once a year.


5. Why Small Businesses Stay Small

a. The neglected business

b. Building a cash flow instead of a business (ownership is easy, building a viable, robust valuable business is hard)

c. Building Value versus Building a Cash Flow


6. Stages of Business Growth

a. Pull up the current files and develop a paper


These can be staged out over time – start with a couple or look at the topics and create a page for it with “paper to come” with a date.


• Can we do an info capture on the whitepaper downloads?